Single Works 4 Group Shows  


i lost my marbles 4u (2021) looks at the idiom of ‘losing one’s marbles’ to represent a state of fall, ellation and loss. The work captures black marbles amidst descend to immortalise a fleeting moment of perfect turmoil. Like infatuation in a state of eternal passion–or a child in never ending play–these glass balls are caught in the heat of black aluminium foil, where they burn without combusting. The piece is a grieving object, celebrating the transience of life, where we move like ghosts in a parade of dissipating memories.

Performance Lecture for Mono-Poly (2021) delivering the article Thorns and Prickles, Shine like Gold: Towards a Sonic Marian apparition to an unsuspecting audience.

Staring at my mother’s photograph for 15 years without blinking (2019-2020) re-stages a picture of the artist’s mother, shot on the day of her wedding. The new copy resembles the original but finds a new phantasmagorical quality in its distance, rather than the closeness, to the original.

Lacrymatory (2019) is a small vessel containing the artist’s tears, collected during a one month period of time. 

Delegated Performance (Radish) (2017) is a commission by Melbourne Central Shopping Mall x MARS Gallery. 

Colonial Eclipse (2017) is a mural reflecting on the process of colonialism through the symbolism of an eclipse. It incorporates a brief text that reads “Colonialism is a prolonged eclipse” along with different phases of a solar eclipse. This phrase conveys the feeling one may experience after centuries of colonisation. Indeed, the blockage of the sun – a sudden phenomenon that appears to engulf the world in a penumbra of darkness – conveys an experience of cosmic invasion.
Ramirez acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the Land where he lives and works, the Wurundjeri people. He pays his respects to Elders past, present and emerging of the Kulin Nation.